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What's In A Name

We are often asked where the name Salt House came from. 

So, we went straight to the source to get you the story.

The name Salt House began with salt. Salt, firstly, because it’s the most important ingredient when cooking. Food needs salt to taste good. It’s an essential, basic thing that is used to flavor any ingredient––but when you think about fancier, finishing salts, it also has an incredible power to do so much more. 

I started Salt House with a line of luxe, fashion-forward aprons. And I couldn’t help but draw a similarity between the aprons and this same concept. An apron was this basic, essential thing that I wanted to elevate. And I loved that salt could be basic, or it could be elevated. A necessity, but also a simple luxury. 

Being from Florida, I also have a huge passion for the ocean. I believe salt has a very magical, healing quality. I added ‘House’ on the end to represent the home element, but I also liked the nod toward fashion, as in a fashion house. ‘Market’ was introduced by the URL and social media handles, representing the shopping component.