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Aged Sherry Vinegar

  • After salt, acid is the next most important ingredient in seasoning a dish. Acid most commonly comes in the form of vinegar or citrus juice. Acid can be added at the end of the cooking process to add a certain brightness to the dish or to cut through richness, for balance. We like to add a tiny squeeze of lemon to most things we cook. And as far as vinegar goes, Sherry vinegar is by far our favorite. It has a great depth of flavor, and it makes the most delicious vinaigrette. 

    • Grape Varietal: Oloroso 
    • Origin: Montilla Moriles (Cordoba, Spain)
    • Intensity: mild
    • Acidity: 7%
    • Aged: 8 years in American Oak
  • Capacity
    375 ml
  • About the Maker
    Khayyan, together with a team of local specialized producers, provides the home cook and some of America’s top chefs with unmatched flavors through their ingredients, allowing the dishes to display the authentic flavors found in Mediterranean cuisine.
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