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The Ultimate Rosé Dinner Party

If summer isn’t a reason to celebrate, then what is? (Cue the rosé.) We came up with this simple, vibrant dinner party menu to celebrate the start of everyone's favorite season.

We began by selecting ingredients that are at their absolute peak right now including asparagus, rhubarb, artichokes, and apricots. We always preserve a ton of lemons in the winter, so we decided to incorporate that into the menu. A gorgeous piece of halibut felt right, also because we were excited to bust out the Sansaire, our go-to at-home sous vide device. If you’ve ever been nervous about cooking fish properly (and who hasn’t?) this is the answer. It does so much more (hello, perfectly medium-rare steak every time), but we especially love it for fish because fish can be tricky and this method is 100% foolproof.



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