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How To: Make Preserved Lemons

The best part is, there's no recipe required. Start with clean, organic lemons and quarter them, leaving in tact on one end. Spoon a heaping tablespoon of kosher salt into the cut lemon and place into a jar. Repeat with remaining lemons until the jar is full, sprinkling with more salt as you go. Squeeze lemon juice over the top until saturated when finished. Seal and allow to hang out on the counter for three weeks, giving the jar a shake every now and then.

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Ways To Use Preserved Lemons


Chop and mix with softened butter and salt to taste. Add herbs (like chives!) if you're feeling it. Roll into parchment log and chill. Cut coins off as needed to top everything from veggies to fish.


Combine with labneh (which is really just triple-strained yogurt, one step past Greek, also affectionately known as yogurt cheese). I like to serve this in a shallow bowl swirled with leftover salsa verde and olive oil. And plenty of bread or pita, naturally!


Lemon aioli is good, and preserved lemon aioli is next level. Stir it in at the end of a basic aioli recipe and serve with crab on toasts–one of my favorites.


The go-to. Chop and whisk with lemon juice, olive oil, and a little grated garlic.


Add to grain salads and bowls anywhere you would add a dash of lemon.


Speaking of toast... avocado toast! Add a sprinkling of nigella and sesame seeds while you're there.


Add to tagines, but also rich cuts of meat like short ribs and brisket. The brightness offers a perfect balance. Castelvetrano olives tend to work well here, too.


Stir into hummus (and don't forget that extra olive oil drizzle).


Lamb shanks with a preserved lemon relish (dice the skin and combine with shallots and herbs like mint and parsley plus a little olive oil) or sou vide halibut are the perfect lemon relish pairings.

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Try adding some za'atar spice to your preserved lemon with labneh or on top of a middle eastern fish with lemon relish.

This knife is perfect for quartering lemons, but can also chop anything from ceviche to vegetables.

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