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How to Create the Perfect Cheese Board

How To: Build The Perfect Cheese Board

The Perfect Cheese Board

I love to serve a cheese board as an hors d’oeuvre and for dessert as well. There’s nothing wrong with a party where you leave it out for both, as far as I’m concerned.

People think serving cheese is expensive but I find that if you serve a lot of other beautiful things with it, you don’t wind up needing that much cheese. Especially if you’re serving it before dinner, you don’t want to go overboard.

5 Tips For The Perfect Cheese Board

-Make It Easy-

Pre-slice harder cheeses so people can grab them easily. Have spreaders or knives available for each of the softer cheeses.

-Go Sweet And Savory-

Serve your cheese with a mix of sweet and savory goodies. Here are some of our favorite accompaniments.



Compote or jam

Raw honey

Dark Chocolate






Clementines or tangerines

Dried apricots

Gourmet mustards

Marcona almonds

Castelvetrano olives

Crackers or sliced baguette

We love charcoal crackers when we can find them at our local cheese shop.

-Mix It Up-

Offer a variety of textures and types of milk. Here are our go-tos.

1 hard/aged cheese (like cheddar or gouda)

1 blue cheese (we love Point Reyes Bay Blue)

1 semi-soft goat cheese

1 soft, creamy cheese (we love La Tur)

-Don't Be Cold-

Serve cheese at room temperature for the best flavor. Take it out of the fridge an hour before serving.

-Don't Go Overboard-

Think 2 to 4 ounces per person. With all of the other things on the board, you often need less cheese than you think.

Get the Goods

A cheese board with built-in bowl and spreader.

A smaller sized cheese board.

Oro Bailen Olive Oil

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The perfect finishing olive oil.

Cheese Knife

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A simple cheese knife.

Quartz Cheese Knives

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And fancy cheese knives.

We love Murray’s Cheese here in New York City, and they ship anywhere in the US. Your next gathering just got a whole lot simpler.