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Coravin Wine Preservation Opener

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  • The Coravin allows you the freedom to drink any wine, in any amount – without removing the cork. Whether you want a sip, a glass, or more, your last glass will taste just as amazing as the first. How? Because the Coravin accesses the wine while leaving the cork in place to continue protecting the wine.


    • Model 2 Elite Pro 
    • 4 Coravin capsules
    • Carry case
    • Classic base

    Each capsule pours up to 15 5-ounce glasses of wine.

    How It Works:

    Place the Coravin Wine Preservation Opener on top of the bottle and push the needle through the cork. Coravin works on all cork-sealed, still wines.

    TIP + POUR

    Tilt as if you are pouring from an open bottle and press the trigger to pressurize. Release it to pour wine into your glass. Tip the bottle back up to stop the pour.

    Remove the needle by pulling the handle straight up. The cork will reseal naturally and continue to protect your wine for weeks, months, or even years.

    Watch Quickstart Video Tutorial here and see more tutorials here. Please see FAQs here.

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