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About Us

A Message From the Founder

We are here on this Earth for one purpose: to enjoy living. I believe that the home is one of the greatest vessels in which we can cultivate joy in our daily lives. And now, at Salt House Market, we are unveiling a new shopping experience with this idea at its core.

It started with an apron. I wanted something that felt more my style, more modern—and most importantly, something that made me feel good. I reimagined this old-school kitchen staple to exude confidence and style. I began to dream of a store filled with items that could carry this same energy to transform our experience in the kitchen and home. 

The idea grew. I created a lavish yet homey space to host dinner parties where guests described the experience as magical. This early expression of my vision led me to realize that it wasn’t just about cooking a good meal—it was the environment that was creating the impact.

When someone walks into my home, they are instantly uplifted. They feel delighted, luxurious, and cared for. The furniture and objects with which we choose to fill our homes have the power to not only make us happier, but everyone who steps inside.

This is what I hope for you to create. Your own extraordinary lair to celebrate life’s simplest pleasures. Surroundings to make you feel good everyday. Ultimately, a place that inspires you to live your best life.

Our mission is to help you create more joyful moments at home.

An Expression Of You

We believe in surrounding yourself with things you love. Your home should reflect who you are and cultivate more happiness in your daily life.

The Heart Of The Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home and where we began. It’s safe to say this is our favorite place to be.

All In Good Taste

Every item we carry is one that we truly believe in–by way of both aesthetics and quality. If we wouldn’t buy it, we don't sell it.