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19 Must-Have Copper Accents 


Copper’s still coming in hot, and we’re unabashedly obsessed. While we’ve found a place for this prized metal all over the home, the kitchen definitely holds our most vast collection of all things copper.

The most obvious place to begin is with copper cookware. Copper cookware looks beautiful, yes, but it’s a classic for a reason: The metal conducts heat exceptionally well. Chefs love this because food cooks evenly and precisely. It is expensive, so it’s worth saying that you can mix-and-match your copper cookware with what you already have, and grow your collection over time.

If you’re ready to really take the plunge, you’ll invest in a copper Vitamix or Kitchenaid stand mixer. These appliances look absolutely gorgeous in the kitchen, so much so that you won’t want to hide them––which is good, considering their size prevents them from being stored away in most kitchens. These are items you’ll have forever so they’re worth the investment.

It’s easy to incorporate copper into your kitchen with accent pieces like a tea kettle or one of our favorites, the Copper Storage Canisters. And while you’re probably familiar with copper mugs, there are many other serving pieces to choose from––think chargers, flatware, and even serving trays.